From old fashioned VHS surveillance DVRs to the newest Nest and Ring devices, our video and audio forensic experts have worked on evidence from them all!

Whether the DVRs are local inside a business location or cloud based storage solutions, the video evidence gathered by NCAVF could be crucial to your case, whether you are looking for someone to study metadata or clarify a frame for use in court.

When you are facing a trial or trying to better understand a delicate family situation, every frame and every pixel could be important.

What might a surveillance DVR expert be able to do with a poor video recording?

There are many types of video clarification techniques that could clarify your video evidence. A few examples include:

  • Reducing grainy video caused by low light recordings
  • Removing electronic signal interference
  • Magnifying or zooming into important corners of video
  • Minimizing glare or brighten dark sections of the video recording
  • Circling objects or people and tracking them over time
  • Adding slow motion effects or adjust contrast and brightness in a way that is accepted by the courts

Can a video recording be verified or authenticated?

Once we recover video recordings from a DVR or from the cloud, it is sometimes requested that we authenticate a digital recording or file as original. There could be several purposes to perform authentication, and a few are:

  • Determine what camera and lens was used to record the surveillance video file
  • Determine the model of DVR used to record the video and what the settings were at the time
  • Determine whether or not the video recording was edited or changed from its original, and if so, when that occurred

Whatever your case needs may be, if the case includes surveillance evidence, it may be paramount to have them evaluated by a video forensic expert to determine how this surveillance video can be analyzed and clarified, and how it can be used for your case.

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