CNN watched and recorded while video forensic expert David Notowitz enhanced the iPhone video showing LAPD officers shooting and killing a homeless man in Downtown LA’s Skid Row. See the enhancements and interview here

Watch our lead forensic video expert interviewed about recorded security surveillance camera footage used by the courts to accuse Lindsay Lohan of shoplifting jewelry

Video expert helps jury see the evidence more clearly than work done by FBI

David Notowitz, the founder and lead forensic expert at NCAVF, is interviewed on Current TV regarding his examination of police surveillance video in the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin

Based on current scientific knowledge it’s impossible to compare a voice based on a scream, says NCAVF’s lead forensic expert. Judge in Florida must determine whether to allow an audio forensic expert to testify with his odd opinion that he CAN make the comparison.

Immediately following the Boston Marathon Bombings, the media were looking for experts to discuss the search for suspects. NCAVF was contacted by several newspapers and television stations to consult about the surveillance and witness video recordings which captured the explosions.

Protests closed streets and subways. Some said he wasn’t carrying a gun. What led to this man’s death? Minnesota’s police oversight bureau needed an objective 3rd party and asked NCAVF to assist with investigation.