The Insider Interview With Lead Video Forensic Expert David Notowitz

Below is a transcription of The Insider news segment interview with NCAVF video and audio forensic expert, Mr. David Nototwitz:

The Insider: Yesterday we showed you our world exclusive, the surveillance video from the jewelry store where Lindsay allegedly lifted a 2500 dollar necklace. Tonight, the portion you still have not seen, as the debate rages over her innocence or guilt. January 22. This is the moment, what could be the smoking gun captured by 3 different cameras. Watch, in this exclusive surveillance footage, as Lindsay tries on the small, gold, 25 hundred dollar necklace she’s accused of stealing. Our exclusive footage continuing to make headlines today. USA Today, People, and Entertainment Weekly. According to the store’s timecoded cameras, Lindsay puts on the piece of jewelry 18 minutes after she had already been in the store.

She then leans in to examine a ring, turns to look at herself in a mirror, then poses for her companion while continuing to wear the jewelry while inside the Venice jewelry store. From what we can tell, Lindsay never takes the necklace off.

The 24 year old has denied stealing the item in question.

David Notowitz: Here she is trying on some jewelry now.

The Insider: Are there clues to Lohan’s case in this surveillance video obtained by The Insider and our sister show Entertainment Tonight?

Notowitz: Throughout all the footage I have seen so far, she’s relaxed, she’s not trying to be sneaky about anything.

The Insider: David Notowitz is not involved in this case. However, he is a court approved forensic video expert who reviewed the store’s surveillance tapes for The Insider.

Notowitz: If there’s one thing I learned through all my years of doing forensic video, is that we need to see the bigger picture, and the bigger picture in this case, is 42 minutes of footage, of Ms. Lohan buying jewelry. She’s looking to buy jewelry. She’s not trying to be deceptive, as far as I can see. Her companion is not trying to be deceptive. He’s actually not trying to distract the sales person.

The Insider: I have done a lot of radio and TV press on this story the last few days, and I got to tell you, people are split right down the middle on this subject.

OK, straight ahead, we turn it over to our legal experts as they preview what we should expect in court on Thursday.