Can you determine a suspect’s height, distance, or speed from security surveillance video?

In many cases, yes, these measurements are something that can be determined from video evidence. However, this forensic process requires several detailed steps and factors. The key is to determine how much data we can gather from investigating and analyzing the original recorded video footage, along with how much information we can gather by returning to and documenting the original scene of the crime or incident.

The experts at NCAVF are trained in advanced forensic 3D modeling software that allows us to build detailed computer models of a crime scene, determine accurate distances between points, measure the height of people and objects, and  identify the speed of cars, runners, and bicycles.

Common questions include, “How far was the individual standing from the wall?”, “How much distance was there between those two cars?”, and “How far away was suspect A from the plaintiff?” Depending on the details, our experienced accident reconstruction experts are able to gather specific measurements. We would need to see your recorded video evidence and visit the original location of the incident to know if this is a possible option in your case.