How does NCAVF stay up-to-date on forensic audio and video technology?

At NCAVF, we like to think of our unique line of work as a combination of technology and artistry within the legal forensic world. More and more, recorded audio and video footage is being utilized as digital media evidence in a court of law, and our audio/video forensic evidence experts are here to assist our clients so they can get the most out of their recorded video or audio evidence.

We love keeping up on the latest emerging technologies and trends in the surveillance video and digital audio forensics worlds, and pay close attention to new developments in the legal field, especially cases involving digital media evidence. Everyday, new techniques, equipment and software emerges to improve the art of digital forensic science and to help forensic video and audio experts do our job with exact precision.

Our Los Angeles-based forensic lab continuously updates the skills of our experts and equipment for optimal filtering, audio equalization, and video analysis. NCAVF founder and lead audio/video forensic expert, David Notowitz, has produced films and videos since 1986 and has seen playback equipment evolve from handling acetate film, to videotape, to today’s digital recording flash drive media. He brings those years of production experience to every challenge and situation.