The completed evidence will be provided in what format?

After making our digital forensic video or audio enhancements and analysis, there are several ways in which our audio and video experts can deliver and present the finished product. Something that we routinely create for our clients is a simple, easily playable video or audio file — that is, a digital file that takes only a click to play when it comes time for presentation on any computer system in the world. This system allows our clients to easily playback digital video or audio evidence while maintaining focus during a jury trial or during a presentation to a judge. Our carefully tested digital media creation process allows your digital media evidence to play in all players, computers, and courtroom situations.

Warning: Make sure you are not playing back your evidence from a compressed audio or video that reduces the quality of the image and sound. And be aware that if your opponent is presenting the evidence in court, they are possibly showing a lower quality, degraded version of the original and may be doing this purposely to MISLEAD the jury!  We recommend being vigilant to pay attention to these legal tricks and to play back our materials from a high quality digital video file on a computer. We deliver those exhibits to you via a USB flash drive, or through a secure online file transfer. We are more than happy to discuss these options when it’s appropriate.