Can you filter and clean up the background noise on my audio recordings?

Do you want to listen to a recorded audio conversation, but distracting background noises are making it difficult to hear the conversation clearly? This would be a situation where forensic audio enhancement could be the answer. Our digital audio forensic experts have heard it all — car horns, doorbells, gunshots, dog barks, hum and buzz from motors, fans, air conditioners – and all of these distracting noises can often times be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated entirely from the original audio recording.

More difficult audio evidence we have worked on includes audio that contains unwanted background music, voices, and certain sounds from radio or television. However, we love a good forensic audio challenge! Once the extraneous sounds are filtered and removed as much as possible from your recorded audio evidence, our experts work hard to enhance, boost sound, examine and analyze the remaining audio for use in hearings and court.

Once the clarification is complete, clients will occasionally ask us to write a forensic transcription of what we hear and to testify about this work in court.