Can NCAVF Perform License Plate Number Enhancements?

My employees know that our job is to think creatively – to consider all forensic options – when formulating forensic plans to help you. Clarifying numbers on license plates is one of the most requested and the most difficult forensic technique that we are asked to perform.

Most video forensic experts will tell you it’s the request for which they are most commonly contacted and for which clients are most commonly disappointed.

The goal is to get a full license plate number

We will do everything we can to determine the license plate number for you. The reality, unfortunately, is often much less comprehensive.

  • Sometimes only one number can be recovered
  • or none
  • or sometimes other work or measurements can be determined from the evidence which can be helpful to your matter
  • Minimizing blur to understand the make or model of a car

Can video of a license plate be brightened or darkened?

It is very common that license plates are not recorded properly in surveillance recordings because the plate is too bright or too dark. It’s also common that license plate numbers are blurred due to the speed of a car.

Whatever your case needs may be, if the case includes video evidence, it may be helpful to have it evaluated by a video expert to determine how it effects your case.

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