Breaking news: Officer Ivory Webb not guilty on all counts

(Fox TV 11, Los Angeles)

Watch all the way to the end to see the interview with NCAVF’s lead forensic audio and video expert, Mr. David Notowitz.


Below is a transcription of the interview:

John Beard:
 Good evening everybody, I’m John Beard.

Christine Devine: And I’m Christine Devine. A former San Bernardino County Deputy is a free man acquitted of all charges in the shooting of an unarmed man. That shooting caught on tape happened after a chase. Perhaps the strongest evidence in the case but not strong enough to convince the jury that Ivory Webb did anything criminally wrong.

Christina Gonzalez is live with how the jury came to this quick decision. Christina.

Christina Gonzalez: Well Christine, the jury had been through weeks and weeks of testimony, so by the time they got into deliberations really it only took a few hours to make up their minds.

Court: Not guilty of the crime of assault.

Christina Gonzalez: Not guilty. Former San Bernardino Deputy Ivory Webb, who faced 18 years in prison, for shooting the passenger of a car involved in a high speed pursuit.

The injured passenger? Elio Carrion, an Iraq war veteran home on leave. Jurors did see the videotape.

Juror #1: The bottom line for us it’s not that minute and half video; it’s the case.

Juror #2: We believe that he was coming towards the officer in a manner the officer believed he was threatened.

Juror #1: If they make a bad decision in the line of duty, trying to protect us, should we hold them accountable to that to the point that we incarcerate them? I don’t think so.

Christine Gonzalez: Deputy DA Lewis Cope

Lewis Cope: The jury has decided, and we respect that decision.

Christine Gonzalez: Not as circumspect — Carion’s personal attorney.

Luis Carrillo: A police officer can get away with attempted murder, attempted voluntary manslaughter.

Webb’s family: How do you feel about it!

Christine Gonzalez: Webb’s family with a good question, for a pretty emotional Webb.

Ivory Webb: First of all, I want to thank and give honor and praise to God for getting me through this very difficult time in my life. I want to thank the jurors.

Christine Gonzalez: Also his family and defense team, which included the video expert who enhanced the images for the jury.

David Notowitz: You see the non compliance. And it’s not just non compliance, but it’s very threatening non compliance. As you can see. I’m not a legal expert, but what I saw is what the jury saw.

Christine Gonzalez: Now no word on a federal investigation, but there is a civil case pending.