Video Enhancement

Video enhancement is a science and an art, focused on making a video more easy for the human eye to see in order to discern details.

People who request video enhancement often request other services that include technical research of the equipment used to record the video (including DVRs and surveillance cameras), analysis of metadata on the video files, creating 3D scene reconstructions of the location of the event, stabilizing shaky video, and running tests on video evidence to determine frame rates, compression, and file authenticity.

There are many video enhancement services that a video forensic expert may use for a case depending on the nature of the evidence and the requests by attorneys and clients.

Video Enhancement

A few common details that may need clarification in a video are:

  • Clarify make or model of vehicle
  • Creating a detailed 3D model of incident location
  • Stabilizing shaky video footage
  • Analyze DVR, Nest, and Ring video footage
  • Adjust brightness and contrast of surveillance video
  • Reduce glare in video
  • Enhancing video of a license plate
  • Zoom closer to a corner of video
  • Determine what is in someone’s hand
  • Clarify actions of a subject (ie did he pull a weapon or trip on something)
  • Clarify whether an police officer was justified in use of force
  • Measure height of a suspect
  • Determine lane of travel for a vehicle
  • Determine speed of vehicle

These are just some examples of our video enhancement services. Our forensic video technicians and case managers are specially trained, not only knowing how to enhance a video, but also in judging what could be useful or pertinent to the case and to make suggestions to our clients on how to move forward.

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