Forensic audio clarification & digital sound cleaning and enhancement

Do you have hard to hear recorded audio that you want cleaned up? We got you covered! Removing or reducing hiss, buzz, hum, and other background noise and audio disturbances while maintaining speech clarity is part science, part art. It requires specialized digital audio software created for forensic sound filtering and restoration, as well as a skilled, experienced audio forensic expert. An experienced ear trained on the latest digital equipment and software will create for you a version of your audio with reduced noise to allow you, a jury, and your judge to hear the evidence better. Listen to audio samples of before and after our filtering.

Creating accurate forensic transcripts of dialogue that are trusted in court

After filtering, amplifying, and cleaning up recorded audio evidence, our expert legal forensic team is sometimes asked to analyze and create what we call a forensic transcription of the recorded audio, detailing every word heard, for you to present in court. NCAVF experts are ready and available to testify about the methods of their work and opinions about what they hear on your recordings.

Metadata analysis of computer files

When a computer file is saved, it is not only the content of that file which is saved, but also data about that newly saved file — the date and time the file was saved, potentially where the person was standing at the time the file was saved, the format of the data, equipment used in the creation of that data, software being used by the computer which saved the data, and much more. That data about the data can be very helpful after a crime is committed because it can help police to track down suspects and gather more details about a case.

Courtroom consultation & AV tech setup

NCAVF can consult and assist attorneys in the proper setup of playback technology in the courtroom. Proper sound reproduction and clear, bright video projection ensures that your jury views the digial evidence in the best possible way. Without it, your jury will not hear the evidence accurately.

Presentation of digital evidence such as security camera videos, police body worn cameras, or 911 calls to a jury often requires setting up courtroom audio playback with professional speakers and displays. NCAVF is consulted about the proper equipment to setup for trial.

Expert witness testimony in courts for civil and criminal litigation

Once the audio forensic work is complete, we analyze the results, can write a report if requested, and can testify about our report in court.