Evaluate Your Existing CCTV Surveillance System

Do you already have a security surveillance or CCTV system up and running? When is the last time you had it evaluated or maintained for operational readiness? Do you know how old the equipment is or what quality the components are? Do you want an objective opinion not tied to any one vendor? We will come to consult for you on exactly what you have and help you determine whether or not it is fulfilling your needs. Here’s a few issues to be evaluated:

  1. First, you will describe the type and nature of your company so we can understand the purpose for the surveillance
  2. Camera Placement
    • a. Are your current cameras in the best locations for achieving these goals
    • b. Do you have enough cameras
  3. We’ll determine the quality of your equipment
    • a. How old is your equipment
    • b. Are your cameras higher or lower resolution, and which do you need
    • c. Are your cameras able to capture movement clearly
    • d. Is the frame rate high enough to achieve your goals
    • e. Is motion detection working properly (we’ve seen many malfunctioning systems)
    • f. Can the DVR and hard drives handle that many cameras at once
    • g. Are you using the correct type of cameras (dome, bullet, pan/tilt, fixed, hidden)
    • h. Should you have audio capabilities
    • i. Lens options (fixed vs. zoom capabilities & wide angle vs. telephoto)
    • j. Do you have or need night vision capability
    • k. What is the power source and do you have a backup battery system
  4. DVR Settings and size of hard drives
    • a. How long will your DVR record and save footage before it is automatically deleted (7 days, 30 days, etc.)
    • b. Can the DVR efficiently handle the number of cameras you need
    • c. Do you want remote the ability of live viewing through your computer and cellphone