New Surveillance System Recommendations

Perhaps your surveillance system is outdated with cameras that have low resolution or bad night vision. Or maybe you always meant to install security cameras at your business but just never got around to it. You can bring NCAVF to your business to consult about this important purchase.

Here are some of the topics NCAVF can help you consider as you design your new surveillance system:

  1. We will determine size and type of system needed
    • a. What is the square footage of your location
    • b. How many rooms, angles, corners, etc. do you have
    • c. How easy will it be for your security staff or managers to use
  2. Make camera-type recommendations
    • a. Night vision necessary
  3. Camera placement
    • a. How far from main traffic areas
    • b. High, low, angles, etc.
  4. DVR type, size, and settings
  5. Do cameras require cables or is a wireless connection sufficient
  6. Quality of Equipment
    • a. Do you need higher vs. lower resolution cameras
    • b. Determine best frame rate to achieve your goals
    • c. Configure motion detection (if needed)
    • d. Configure the DVR and hard drives to handle the cameras being used
    • e. Consider different types of cameras (dome, bullet, pan/tilt, fixed, hidden)
    • f. Determine if you should utilize audio capabilities
    • g. Determine best lens options (fixed vs. zoom capabilities)
    • h. Do the cameras have/need night vision capability
    • i. What is the power source and do you have or need a backup battery system