Smartphone and Computer Forensics Can Recover Deleted Files and Logs

Technology changes fast. The center of computer forensics, data recovery, and analysis was once the hard drive, and while that storage device is still important, the focus has shifted to smartphones and the cloud. And it’s not only the files themselves that are now important, but the when, where, and how of the creation and deletion of these files.

Recovering erased cellphones and recovering files from hard drives

While it’s not always possible, the recovery of deleted files from smartphones and computer hard drives is something that NCAVF prides itself in keeping on top of the technology and techniques to bring our clients the highest possibility for success.

Metadata analysis of computer files

Using advanced analysis software developed for the military, NCAVF probes the internals of smartphones to learn as much as possible about the device’s photos, text messages, phone calls, audio files, and chats. In addition, logs often exist on cellphones even when the actual files cannot be recovered. Apps may store information about when and where texts were sent, when and where a video was created or erased, and where a photo was taken, texted, or deleted.


Expert witness testimony in courts for civil and criminal litigation

From federal to state courts and from civil to criminal litigation, NCAVF writes reports and is available to testify about our work and the results. If requested, NCAVF can testify for your trial.