Testimony from defense attorney

Below is a testimonial written by attorney Bill Hadden on the defense team for People v Webb. He had some kind words for NCAVF lead forensic expert, Mr. David Notowitz.

“… We are extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to work with David Notowitz of Notowitz Productions, who was an indispensable member of the defense team before and during trial.

Mr. Notowitz tirelessly worked to produce numerous enhancements of the video and audio of the tape of the incident. In fact, on one critical part of the tape, the original contained a big blotch of white that prevented us from seeing approximately three seconds of what had occurred.

The agents of the FBI and the Sheriff’s Department spent hours doing enhancements of the tape, and as skilled as they were in refining the tape, they were unable to remove the white blotch. Mr. Notowitz applied various filters to the tape and eventually we were able to see the additional frames of Carrion’s activities, which helped to disprove Carrion’s version of events.

Throughout the trial, we benefited from Mr. Notowitz’s preparation of images for the jury’s consideration, which helped simplify an otherwise complex case.

Looking back, it would have been unimaginable to accomplish what we were able to do without him, and we would recommend his services to any other LDF panel attorney.”

William Hadden of Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler Levine