Trip and Fall Personal Injury Case Study – NCAVF Saves $$$$ for Client!

In one case the digital media experts at NCAVF worked on, a woman tripped, was injured, and sued the business for her injuries. Surveillance security cameras captured her fall on video and attorneys representing the business contacted the experts at NCAVF to both forensically enhance the video surveillance footage and analyze the results. After several forensic enhancements, including slowing down the frame rate, zooming in on the specific areas within the recorded video footage and spending several hours analyzing the womans actions and movements immediately prior to her accident, we discovered a crucial detail…

NCAVF audio and video forensic experts determined that immediately prior to the fall, the woman’s husband received a call on his cellphone, and then brought the cellphone over to his wife and handed it to her. The woman then brought the phone to her ear and began walking down the stairs, where she subsequently tripped and fell. Her trip and personal injury was not due to faulty stairs or a dangerous environment — her trip and subsequent injury was due to the fact that she was distracted by a phone call! Needless to say, once the defense attorney presented our forensically enhanced video evidence footage to the jury, the woman settled for much less than her original demands, saving the insurance company several million dollars.

You may want to watch this a few times to better understand the incident. This is a slightly zoomed in view of the slip and fall incident. It includes surrounding action to provide context to the plaintiff’s civil claim. We added highlights to focus attention on the most important details of the evidence.

Below is the testimonial from the lawyer on this personal injury case:

“My Defense firm, Prindle, Amaro, Goetz, Hillyard, Barnes & Reinholtz LLP retained NCAVF to enhance video surveillance footage of an alleged trip and fall accident that occurred at a bowling alley.

NCAVF not only enlarged and enhanced the footage, but also made a very astute observation that Plaintiff was talking on her cell phone at the time of the accident, and hence, was not paying attention!

The enhancements and observations of NCAVF played a substantial role in settling the matter for the costs of defense; a figure significantly lower than the multi-million dollar settlement demand made by the Plaintiff.

Mr. Notowitz is friendly, hard-working and has a great sense of humor. If you are looking for a forensic audio or video expert, you need not look any further; Mr. Notowitz is the man!”

Rudie D. Baldwin, Esq.
Prindle, Amaro, Goetz, Hillyard, Barnes & Reinholtz LLP