Understanding and Operating Your Existing CCTV Surveillance System

Many businesses have security surveillance systems installed, but are not fully comfortable with using it. If you wish to get the most out of your system, bring NCAVF into your company to teach you and your management staff to properly use the security camera systems you already own.

You will learn when and how to maximize your system and how to lower liability.

  1. We can teach you how to use your existing DVR
  2. We can show you how to maximize camera field of view
  3. We can help you know when and how to lock, save, and copy footage
  4. We can teach you when and how to maintain the security system
    • a. How to check cameras for failures or lenses becoming obstructed
    • b. How to clean cameras and lenses on regular basis
    • c. How to maintain your DVR and cables
  5. We can teach you how to setup system alerts
    • a. Text or email notifications
    • b. When there is motion detection
    • c. When there are loud noises
  6. We can help you to set up web access
    • a. Access the surveillance feed from any location via internet
    • b. Limit access differently for different employees