Forensic Audio Authentication & Enhancement

Audio can often by clarified by an expert to make conversations or incidents easier to understand.

This enhancement can be an important stage in the process of analysis, authentication, and preparation of audio evidence for a case investigation, court hearing, or trial.

Can an audio recording be verified or authenticated?

It is very common, and sometimes necessary, for an audio forensic expert to perform audio authentication on a digital audio recording. There may be several purposes to perform audio authentication, a few are:

  • Determine how the audio was recorded
  • Determine the device used to record the audio
  • Determine whether or not the audio recording was edited or changed from its original

Whatever your case needs may be, if the case includes audio evidence, it may be paramount to have them evaluated by an audio forensic expert to determine how the audio can be analyzed, clarified, and used for your case.

Audio Enhancements

What might an expert be able to do with a poor audio recording?

  • Reduce or eliminate background noise
  • Remove electric hum
  • Amplify voices
  • Minimize car engine sounds, wind noise, or rumble
  • Reduce problems caused by clothes rubbing on microphone

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NCAVF is a nationally recognized forensic audio and video lab. We investigate and clarify video, audio, and digital media evidence, analyze results, and create digital media presentations for use in hearings, mediations, and court.

Our experts testify in court about the steps, the science, and the results of our work.

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