This week, NCAVF Founder David Notowitz was featured prominently in the popular publication Mishpacha magazine. The piece highlighted David’s expertise as an audio-video forensic expert on national cases, as well as his insight into AI and deepfakes, especially in the midst of the Israel-Hamas War. The article also gave background on how he got into this field in the first place.

David started out in Hollywood, working on films about Jewish communities worldwide. He used this background to assist a friend who was an attorney on a case – from there, his business grew and grew.

This is what happened during his first testimony in court:

After Notowitz presented the evidence to the court, the judge asked, How do I know you didnt manipulate the video to support your client?” referring to Notowitzs friend, the defense attorney.

I said, Because I dont lie,’” Notowitz says. Afterward, in the hallway, my friend said that was exactly the right answer to reassure the judge that I didnt fake evidence to help him.”

David’s professionalism and dedication to the truth are the backbone of NCAVF’s success and the reason he is tapped to work on prominent cases around the nation.

In the piece, David advises on how to spot AI images and deepfakes. Some telltale signs: Too many limbs on the humans in photos and unnaturally moving hair in videos. You can always search for an image or video footage and then verify whether or not it’s real and look at the metadata.

Dispelling myths and educating on deepfakes and AI is important to David, who fights manipulation and distortion and strives to find the facts in any situation.

His guiding motto in work – and life in general?

“Hold true to what you believe.”

Read more of the piece, “Verify, Then Trust,” exclusively in Mishpacha.