Opposing side: “We don’t hear that.” What they mean is, we don’t want to hear that. Often audio can be cleaned and clarified.

Sometimes it requires going over short sections of a recording, listening very carefully, and even after clarification, further repetitive listening to try and tease out…

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They cloned my voice to damage my business and reputation

They cloned my voice to damage my business and reputation A frantic call to 9-11 was posted on social media. In it, a man is saying things that – if true – were damaging to his…

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NCAVF Founder David Notowitz Interviewed About Disinformation on Fox News

Fox News interviewed NCAVF Founder David Notowitz about disinformation during the Israel-Gaza War and his expertise in video forensics.

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Deepfakes Are Presenting Complicated Challenges for Attorneys. Here’s How to Combat Them

In March 2022, a video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy telling his soldiers to put down their weapons and surrender to Russia was posted online. The video ran a minute…

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David Notowitz of NCAVF Featured in Mishpacha Magazine

This week, NCAVF Founder David Notowitz was featured prominently in the popular publication Mishpacha magazine. The piece highlighted David’s expertise as an audio-video forensic…

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Using Cell Phone Data to Solve Crimes and Defend Your Clients

Your cell phone is constantly tracking your activities. This means that wherever you are, as long as you have your phone on you, information from your phone is sent to the nearest…

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Unlocking Legal Victory: The Impact of 3D Modeling in Forensic Video Analysis

In a recent case involving a car accident, our expertise in forensic video and audio analysis, accident reconstruction, and 3D modeling proved pivotal. The client, facing unfair…

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Being A Business Visionary – founder of NCAVF discusses how to effectively manage your business

How to embrace your role as the CEO, from developing a plan and first hires to keeping control of the roles you enjoy most.

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3D car accident reconstruction and analysis reveals car drove through red light

Dash cam video combined with laser scan reveals driver was behind line as light turned red and then proceeded to enter the intersection and make left turn, crashing into oncoming…

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Who Killed Jennifer Schipsi?

Who killed Jennifer Schipsi? After hearing NCAVF testify regarding habeas corpus issues, judge orders retrial, ruling surveillance video evidence was misrepresented to jury in the…

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