Recently NCAVF was hired to do forensic work on a car accident, to determine if a driver went through a red light. We used a laser scan and advanced software to create a 3D model and reveal the exact location of a car during green, yellow and red lights.

A key piece of evidence was a dash cam video from one of the cars involved, showing video of the accident and the moments prior. Using this video and a recreation of the location of the incident plus the make and model of the car, our 3D scene of the incident allowed for measurements and timing calculations. This analysis helped settle the case in our clients favor.

Using our 3d reconstruction model of the accident, this is the top view of the car the moment the light turns red.

Our client stated, “I utilized NCAVF’s 3D scene reconstruction services in a complicated automobile accident… NCAVF’s video services carried the day.”

Here below you can view one of the videos created for this case. Watch it a few times to pickup details of the incident, especially noting the position of the car the moment the light turns red.