NCAVF Founder David Notowitz Interviewed About Disinformation on Fox News

Fox News interviewed NCAVF Founder David Notowitz about disinformation during the Israel-Gaza War and his expertise in video forensics.

Reporter Brian Flood spoke with Notowitz about the Gaza hospital bombing story, where Hamas claimed that Israel hit a hospital and killed hundreds of people. Major news outlets ran headlines confirming the story – but then it turned out to be false. In actuality, a rocket from Gaza hit the hospital’s parking lot and killed far fewer people than they initially reported.

Police Can Not Hide Tracking of License Plate Data

The California Supreme Court ruled unanimously that police can not hide tracking of license plate data and must release to the public all the plate data they are collecting.

Create Your Own Video Evidence and Help Solve Crimes

Under normal circumstances, the police are responsible for finding video evidence, or any evidence for that matter, of a crime. The police will then process and analyze the video evidence to solve the crime and prove their case.