David Notowitz enhances some audio and video evidence

I often need to educate attorneys about using video and audio evidence in their cases. Attorneys may think all that’s needed is a straightforward few viewings of their client’s surveillance or smartphone evidence plus testing to make sure it plays easily in court. It’s sometimes true that may be all the evidence demands. But I have found that a case with video or audio usually benefits from some enhancement and analysis. And some cases benefit tremendously if proper time is spent enhancing, viewing, and listening to the footage.

I just met with an attorney and carefully reviewed work NCAVF had been doing on his case over the last month. He was a good “student” in that I was able to teach him the options he has in court to use this evidence.

It was a joy to watch his eyes register, “Oh, I get it!” as I ran down the possibilities for using the video sequences in his upcoming trial.

Now he wants us helping playback the evidence in court full time during trial.