I just received two wonderful notes from attorneys on two separate cases.
It makes me proud that even as we grow we are continuing to provide the level service I envisioned when creating the company many years ago. May we continue to do this far into the future.
All the best, David

While we hired NCAVF because of their expertise and compelling in-court contributions, their biggest contribution to this case came well-before the trial began. Their syncing of hundreds of video clips, taken over the course of several hours, and during a crowded protest, enabled us to easily find footage of the each of the moments crucial to our theory of the case.  We were also able to better track persons of interest.  For instance, we discovered footage of one protester making threatening statements just minutes before he attacked my client.  This was a needle in the haystack.
Motti, David, and their colleagues at NCAVF worked themselves out of having to testify at trial. With over 400 videos compiled from dozens upon dozens of sources, we expected to spend a long time authenticating and laying the foundation for the footage we wanted to use at trial.  But after receiving the original video we had compiled, the syncing done by NACVF, and information about Motti’s and David’s qualifications, the prosecution stipulated to the foundation of every video.  We were able to keep the trial moving and the jury focused on what mattered – our clients’ story – instead of wasting time and energy laying foundation.  The fact that no one from NACVF had to testify at trial is a testament to the quality of their pretrial work.
— Attorney Kim Gordon, Gordon & Saunders (People v Hokoana)


I just wanted to send this testimonial regarding the Forensic Expert from your company. NCAVF helped me secure a significant six figure settlement for my client on a personal injury case in Florida where there was a denial of liability by the defense due to what they claimed were pixilation issues with an image that distorted the video surveillance and made it appear as if a wet substance was on the ground when in reality it wasn’t. Through analysis, your expert was able to provide me the scientific evidence to “debunk” this defense theory. It was not until NCAVF got involved that the defense ever considered settling this case for any amount let alone the amount that we were able to recover, being one of the highest recoveries for this type of case I have ever obtained in thirty years of practicing law.
Thanks again.
— Attorney Robert Gluck, Law Offices of Robert E. Gluck