With all the audio analysis and enhancements that we do, I am often looking at audio waveforms and spectrograms. That’s one important way we explore, measure, and judge how audio filters are impacting the original audio.

Below are examples of how a voice is seen in today’s software on a waveform (the blue signal), and a spectrogram (in orange). Both are in stereo.

analyzing audio from a voice

Waveform analysis of spoken voice

Now, a revolutionary visualization of audio signals might soon help us with our forensic audio work.

Watch this amazing new test concept using the Apple ARKit (Augmented Reality Kit). The ARKit is software included with all iPhones and iPads.

This concept test allows the user to create audio that floats in space which the user can walk through to explore the sound signal.

With the proper programming, audio filters, and acceptance in the forensics community, I can see this being the future of audio enhancement, analysis, and editing for court situations.