NCAVF Notowitz interview still image, KCAL 9 KCBS 2 3-2-2015 re LAPD shoot homeless man
NCAVF is Interviewed by CBS2 and KCAL9 After Police Shooting of a Homeless Man on Skid Row

On Sunday, March 1, LAPD Officers shot and killed a man in the “Skid Row” area of downtown Los Angeles. The case has garnered a lot of media attention as the entire incident was caught not only on nearby surveillance cameras, but it was also filmed in high definition using an iPhone and by officer worn video cameras. The police shooting of a homeless man was only after they claim the suspect grabbed for one of the officer’s weapons. NCAVF was interviewed by CBS2 and KCAL 9’s Andrea Fujii about what we saw in the clip. See the interview here.

The copy of the video we received was downloaded from YouTube, so it had been compressed and the quality as high a the original. Nonetheless, we were able to better reveal much of what happened between officers and the suspect that day. Clearly showing what appears to be the suspect reaching for and grabbing an officer’s gun. Once we have the other video clips, including the security surveillance video and police body cams, we will be able to sync them all together to show a clear picture of the entire course of events.

UPDATE:  CNN got ahold of a much higher quality version of the video and contacted NCAVF to have us enhance and analyze the incident. Here’s what we discovered:  CNN talks to NCAVF about LAPD skid row shooting