Although criminals sometimes seem to be getting more brazen with crimes, the technology used to solve the crimes also continues to improve. In Philadelphia this past Sunday, a woman was kidnapped at approximately 9:40pm as she walked home from a party. The suspect walked up to her, grabbed her, and forced her into his car. The abduction itself only lasts about 11 seconds and was captured on a security surveillance camera.

 The surveillance camera footage shows the suspect drive up and park just outside the camera’s periphery. The suspect then walks up the street and confronts the victim. After a brief struggle, he forces her down the street and into his car. Left behind at the scene was the victim’s cell phone and glasses.

Before the car left, the victim was apparently able to kick out a window. Forensics experts were able to use the glass fragments to identify the year, make, and model of the suspect’s vehicle. Less than nine hours after the abduction, surveillance cameras captured images of a suspect walking through a gas station minimart. Shortly after that, someone in Maryland apparently used the victim’s debit card at an ATM.

Using cutting edge video forensics techniques, Police have been following this trail of surveillance video evidence in order to solve this crime as quickly as possible. As of earlier today, these leads may be what provided law enforcement what they needed. Video and photos from the mini mart and ATM transaction have been analyzed and enhanced to provide the public with images of a suspect.

The use of audio and video surveillance footage continues to help make our country safer.