KCBS was kind enough to interview me last week for a story regarding the different enhancement techniques used to track down the Boston Bombing suspects.  I was happy to speak with Suraya Fadel regarding forensic video evidence.

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Enjoy, David



MALE ANCHOR: Forensic experts are taking a closer look at video from the deadly bombings, looking for clues that will help them capture the terrorists. CBS News’ Suraya Fadel has been talking to local experts about how that’s done. She’s live in Westwood. Suraya?

SURAYA FADEL: And Paul you know one expert I talked to tells me although the images have low resolution, the enhancements are clear and provide some clues.


DAVID NOTOWITZ: His profile’s very clean really, for surveillance, it’s a good shot. And they picked this on purpose because…

SF (VOICEOVER): David Notowitz is a premier forensic audio and video expert.

DN: Surveillance comes down from this angle, it hides their face totally. So this is very common.

SF (VO): He runs the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics, and has worked on high-profile south-land cases, enhancing surveillance video.

DN: In this picture, he’s wearing his hat backwards, his face is totally exposed, he’s not wearing sunglasses, it…it’s, inviting people to see who he is. It’s inviting people to make an idea on the guy.

SF (VO): We showed him the surveillance stills and video of the two wanted Boston Bombing suspects released by the FBI today.

DN: His nose, shape and size, you know, his chin shape…

SF (VO): He shared insights into the minds of federal investigators he says are working around the clock, sifting through thousands of hours of surveillance footage, frame by frame, at multiple locations throughout the country.

DN: The initial search is always starting at the point of the act, the bomb explosion, so all the surveillance, they’ll be focusing on that first.

SF (VO): He points to clues the FBI may be looking at, like facial profiles.

DN: With surveillance, you can measure peoples’ height, you can measure people’s weight…

SF (VO): While federal authorities are not commenting on the suspects ethnicity, David Notowitz says releasing the images was a calculated risk to get the public’s help.

DN: They’re on a pretty tight deadline because a lot of the surveillance will be automatically erased within a week or so.


SF: And tonight the experts we talked to say it’s not uncommon for federal authorities to hold back on some details and information regarding the suspects, as well as the ethnicity. We’re live here in Westwood, Suraya Fadel, CBS 2 news.