Common question — can we really enlarge surveillance footage? Security camera footage is notorious for its low quality. It is often black and white, grainy, and so small! If a crime is committed or an event happens (guy slips then sues for medical damage), it can be virtually impossible to identify the details of what is happening on screen.

Our answer is YES. Not only can we enlarge images, but we can clean out the graininess that masks important details. There are many factors that can be discovered by enhancing the quality of surveillance footage.

As forensic experts, we make video and audio as clear as possible. But we also document information as we see it, and we make suggestions to our clients. After removing a layer of static from images, people and situations become easier to read. Enhancing audio from an inaudible recording into a clear conversation between two individuals can provide a whole new level of understanding. Sometimes seeing a sequence in slow motion can teach you an entirely new fact.

So often we find additional details that become crucial in a case. And then our client will also find what they see as a new and interesting fact. This relationship is what makes NCAVF unique: active interaction — a back and forth connection where we work to make A/V evidence what it should be: legitimate, powerful, and effective.