Does NCAVF analyze files on cell phones and are you able to recover deleted files from cellphones and smartphones?

Cellphone forensics is a specialty that NCAVF offers to clients, both to analyze existing files on phones and to recover and extract files that have been accidentally or purposely deleted.

Can a video or audio recording be verified or authenticated on a cellphone? What about authenticating an image on a smartphone?

Clients sometimes request that NCAVF phone forensic experts authenticate a phone call recording, a video recording, or other files. There are several reasons for performing this kind of file verification, and a few are:

  • Determine the date that a particular file was created
  • Determine the location of the phone at the time of file creation
  • Determine if the file has been changed or manipulated from the original
  • Determine whether a higher resolution video, still image, or a better audio file can be found on the device.

What might a cellphone forensic expert be able to do with locked smartphones?

Now there are several powerful tools and techniques for getting access into locked phones, whether iPhones or Android, or even non standard off brand phones, for the purpose of:

  • extracting and clarifying audio voicemails and memo recordings
  • analyzing mapping data and travel dates and times
  • evaluating app use and location data
  • extracting pictures and determining GPS data of those images
  • finding videos and other files that have been deleted, whether recorded by native applications or by 3rd party apps

Whatever your case needs may be, if the case includes a cell phone, it may be a good idea to have it evaluated by a phone forensic expert to determine how the files can be analyzed and clarified, and how it can be used for your matter.

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