Enhance video evidence — Officer involved shooting OIS

Recorded audio and video evidence captured by a bystander played a crucial role in a high-profile criminal case involving San Bernardino Police Deputy Ivory Webb. Not only were the digital media forensic experts at NCAVF hired to investigate, enhance, analyze, and filter both video and audio evidence that ended up being key to the case, but we also provided and set up the technical playback equipment in the courtroom, attended court to operate the video and audio playback during the trial, and helped defense attorneys with last minute adjustments to their digital media evidence presentation.

THE VIDEO FRAME THAT MATTERED. On the left, before video clarification, and on the right, after. This allowed the jury to see the suspect reaching his hand into his jacket just moments before he was shot by Officer Ivory Webb.

Following a “Not Guilty” verdict, the recorded video evidence that NCAVF forensically enhanced and analyzed was directly mentioned by three jury members as being crucial in forming their opinion of the case. Read testimony from defense attorney.

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Ivory Webb

Police Officer Ivory Webb is congratulated by attorney Michael Schwartz after not guilty verdict. See breaking news on Fox News LA.