NCAVF Founder David Notowitz Interviewed About Disinformation on Fox News

Fox News interviewed NCAVF Founder David Notowitz about disinformation during the Israel-Gaza War and his expertise in video forensics.

Reporter Brian Flood spoke with Notowitz about the Gaza hospital bombing story, where Hamas claimed that Israel hit a hospital and killed hundreds of people. Major news outlets ran headlines confirming the story – but then it turned out to be false. In actuality, a rocket from Gaza hit the hospital’s parking lot and killed far fewer people than they initially reported.

Unlocking Legal Victory: The Impact of 3D Modeling in Forensic Video Analysis

In a recent case involving a car accident, our expertise in forensic video and audio analysis, accident reconstruction, and 3D modeling proved pivotal. The client, facing unfair responsibility for the incident, sought justice. Despite inconclusive dash cam footage, we harnessed the power of 3D modeling for an accurate reconstruction.

Using Cell Phone Data to Solve Crimes and Defend Your Clients

Your cell phone is constantly tracking your activities. This means that wherever you are, as long as you have your phone on you, information from your phone is sent to the nearest cell phone tower. The major telecommunications providers have databases that store cellphone users’ information. The data shows where your phone has been at any time as well as usage information.