When someone doesn’t look me in the eye, it’s very disconcerting. I don’t feel I can trust them!

Do you feel the same way?

And when I’m on Zoom with online video conversations (or Skype, FaceTime, etc), I feel the same mistrust. Either the individual is not interested to hear what I’m saying, or they’re hiding something!

If you’re not using video properly, the person on the other side of the Zoom call will feel the same way about you!

We are facing unprecedented changes due to Covid-19. Upheaval has forced some businesses into virtual offices and employees working from home. In addition, new potential clients are uncomfortable to meet in person and may feel this way far into the future, and so we need to improve our skills at intake on the phone or on video.

We must adapt, or to use more business terms, pivot, to meet these changes. We can embrace the change and grow from these challenges!

My friend, Bill Gross, is an expert with the processes to help you improve your company’s video communications in this time of Covid-19 and far into the future. I convinced him to join us to discuss how we can use video to drive our businesses forward.

Bill is amazing with making your business more efficient, and he has advised me for years. I’ve produced, shot, and edited television news, feature films, and documentaries and have interviewed thousands of people on camera. Together we plan to teach a one hour class PACKED with information on how to improve your use of online video to turn potential clients into billable hours.

Our event was held Wednesday, May 13th, 10am, on Zoom. We called it Adapt and THRIVE, and that’s what we will help you do if your watch the replay, available 24 hours a day, anytime you wish to watch it!

Join us by clicking this link.

All the best,