Attorneys! With all of us stuck at home, our trials postponed, and case preparations slowed…
Let’s use the time to improve, learn, and drive our businesses forward!

I’ve secured the time of one of the nation’s top defense attorneys to share with us LIVE his top trial tips with video and audio evidence – secrets that could alter how you prepare for your next trial. Tuesday, April 7th, 12:15pm

I’m excited to bring you the opportunity to learn from attorney Michael Schwartz.

I’ve worked with him on several high profile cases, and his evidence prep and interaction with juries is unmatched.

When I see him prepare, act, and most importantly, react, during trial, I say to myself, “That’s how to be an attorney.”

Thomson Reuters listed him as one of the top 5% of attorneys in his field. The Daily Journal called him “a world class lawyer”, and I call him a Trial Ninja!

In this short one hour, Michael will draw from 30 years of trial litigation to discuss how he approaches audio and video evidence – to investigate, assess, and present his case.

California attorneys will get continuing education credit from the California State Bar! (1 hour MCLE credit is pending)

Tuesday, April 7, 12:15pm.
Only $39 per person.

Let’s use our time now to push our business forward and not waste it on Netflix!
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Deadline to sign up is Monday 12noon Pacific Time. Once you sign up, I’ll send the Zoom live meeting link.

And I guarantee this — if you’re not 100% satisfied, I will give you all your money back. This is a NO LOSE proposition.

Sign up now!

I look forward to seeing you on Zoom Tuesday, 12:15pm PT.

All the best,
David Notowitz
National Center for Audio and Video Forensics