Our MCLE course is titled Utilizing Video and Audio Evidence In Criminal and Civil Litigation, and it’s been very popular with attorneys and private investigators alike.

Founder David Notowitz started teaching and speaking when he saw time and time again the mistakes attorneys were making in court with their evidence, opposite from him, often in front of the jury. David realized that his classes were desperately needed, and that attorneys, while amazing with book learning, amazing with telling stories and painting a picture to a jury, and amazing at writing documents like motions and briefs, were often very weak in the area of working with technology evidence. He knew his seminar had the chance to change how attorneys view their clients’ digital evidence.

Our one-hour seminar focuses on investigating, handling, analyzing, preparing and presenting audio and video evidence in court. We also review California and Federal law, discussing the admissibility of digital media evidence in court. Most importantly, NCAVF goes over the challenges attorneys will face and crucial mistakes they can avoid when dealing with audio and video evidence.

Whether we like it or not, video surveillance systems proliferate our private and public lives. And because of this, attorneys now have greater opportunities to use recorded audio and video footage as evidence for their clients. In the wake of this continually growing new digital media, NCAVF has developed a one to three hour MCLE course, accredited by the State Bar of California.

Our MCLE course is titled Utilizing Video and Audio Evidence In Criminal and Civil Litigation. It focuses on many aspects of proper audio and video evidence treatments. The class reviews California laws and common misunderstandings about admissibility of audio and video evidence. We provide an understanding of legal and illegal uses of such recordings. We then move further into the process of finding, handling, analyzing and preparing audio and video evidence for court.

Our classes review only cases that we ourselves have worked on. You’ll learn from the lessons, strategies, and tactics that brought our clients success.

This course only references cases NCAVF has worked on. So throughout the presentation, both audio and video evidence examples are shown of analysis and potential enhancements that can be made to digital media samples. It is meant to bring some awareness to attorneys who might not yet know the full value of their audio or video evidence; enhancing a single surveillance recording and finding a small detail may completely change the course of your trial!

Most importantly, the experts at NCAVF go over the challenges attorneys will face and crucial mistakes they can avoid when dealing with digital media evidence. We give our Top 13 Tips to successfully navigate the process – from finding footage on surveillance DVR machines, to the preparation and presentation of evidence by forensic experts.

“Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) refers to the approved continuing legal education required of California attorneys. Attorneys are required to complete a total of 25 hours of approved credit every three years.”
– The State Bar of California

Our past MCLE presentations include:

  • Office of Los Angeles City Attorney (2020)
  • TEN (The Esquire Network) On the 405 @ 4:05 (2020)
  • CALI Orange District (2020)
  • Beverly Hills Bar Association (2020)
  • Oregon State Bar
  • CLE by the Sea, Salisbury, MA
  • CALI 2019 Annual conference
  • Provisor Attorneys Century City
  • TASA webinar
  • Pasadena TEN
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club of San Diego (CDLC)
  • North Orange County Bar Association
  • MCLE training at NCAVF
  • West Orange County Bar Association
  • Mark R. Weiner & Associates
  • Beverly Hills Bar Association
  • San Francisco Bar Association
  • Southeast District Bar Association
  • Alameda County Bar Association
  • Wilshire Bar Association
  • Culver Marina Bar Association
  • Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP
  • Calif. Assoc. of Licensed Investigators (CALI) – Los Angeles
  • Calif. Assoc. of Licensed Investigators (CALI) – San Fernando Valley
  • Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA)
  • Professional Investigators of California (PICA) – Los Angeles
  • Annual meeting of PORAC
  • San Diego Public Defender
  • LA County Alternative Public Defender
  • San Bernardino Public Defender
  • Torrance Public Defender
  • Eastern Bar Association of LA County
  • National Convention of WEVA
  • Santa Maria Public Defender
  • Riverside, California Public Defender
  • Santa Barbara County Bar Association
  • Whittier Law School Institute of Trial and Appellate Practice