Capture the Highest Resolution Possible From Your DVR or Cloud Storage

In order to use recorded audio or video footage as digital media evidence in a court of law, such as from a personal camera or a surveillance security camera, the first step is to export that recorded video footage from the actual machine that recorded and saved it, which is referred to as a DVR machine (digital video recorder). There are multiple ways to export recorded video evidence files from security surveillance system DVRs. However, each method can vary in the quality of the footage post export, and it is vital that you export the highest quality digital video output – especially when a few pixels can actually change the outcome of a case!

Some DVR systems have an automated process to burn a DVD of the recorded video evidence, and this is convenient, but DVD is a very antiquated technology, and just by creating that DVD, the DVR has compressed information and actually lost resolution. Avoid DVD exports!

There are several other better ways to save your data.

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