DVDs for Trial

We like to make life easy for our clients, so one of the services that we offer is creating easy-to-use DVDs for courtroom presentations. Our attorneys like to call it making their digital media evidence "dummy proof" — they understand the importance of seamlessly presenting clear recorded audio and video evidence to opposing attorneys, the judge, and the jury. Our clients want to have all their digital media evidence one click away, so they are not fumbling with playback devices during arguments and looking technologically inept to the judge and jury.

We help our clients and attorneys by creating a DVD that includes the exact audio and video evidence they need for a specific purpose in court. On the main menu of the DVD, we use thumbnails to identify each piece of video or audio evidence, labeled by letters or numbers. The attorney then has a key with the description of each piece of evidence.

In the video clip above, you can see how we make it possible for an attorney to make real-time decisions as to what evidence they choose to play for a jury and the importance of preparing easy-to-use video and audio evidence that will always play smoothly in court.