Consulting for attorneys, corporations, and individual private clients

  1. Evaluate Your Saved Video Security Footage
  2. Evaluate Your Existing CCTV Surveillance System
  3. New Surveillance System Recommendations
  4. Understanding and Operating Your Existing CCTV Surveillance System

Do you have footage of an incident but you’re not sure how or if this media can be used as evidence? Are you trying to determine how to best use your surveillance footage in court? Perhaps you need help in determining how to optimize your existing surveillance system? Or maybe you’re contemplating installing a new system. Whatever the case may be, NCAVF has seen both good and bad examples of real life results with security video and can consult with you to answer all your audio and video surveillance questions.

A great security camera system consultant will dedicate time to understand a business and the full range of its needs before recommending changes in surveillance systems and before recommending the purchase of new equipment. NCAVF is trustworthy and objective because NCAVF makes nothing and loses nothing from clients choosing one security camera vendor over another.

Whether you’re an attorney, a private investigator, a large corporation with a chain of stores or even an individual with a home surveillance system, we can help.